Circus curtain left
Circus curtain right
Circus curtain front left
Circus curtain front right
Circus : Heros (Togni)
Country : Italy
Size : 32.5cmx65.5cm ( 13"x26" )
Format : Small
Artist : Renato Casaro
Printer : L+S Druck
Year : 1969
Tour Country : Italy
Tour City : Udine
Description : Circus Heros "Tarantella 1969" - the first Italian stop in Udine after the all summer long Dutch and German 1969 tour. What's interesting about this poster is that it inherited the German layout and was also printed by German-based L+S Druck. However, the very top part "Italienischer National" used in the German version had been trimmed off making this locandina a bit shorter.
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